It’s been a busy month and a half here as we prepared for both the stage show and the last in the current audio run of The Monster Hunters.

Episode 6, The Powers of Lord Greg, was released on the 1st August and is available to download from iTunes and It rounds up the ongoing stories that have threaded through the first series and sets things up for the future, as well as hopefully being an enjoyable stand alone story.

It’s certainly been hard work, especially for Peter Davis, who plays Lorrimer, as he has also had to edit the thing as well as perform and co-write every month. But it’s been fun and we’ve been able to work with some lovely and talented people along the way.

As soon as the podcast was up, we were at the Camden Fringe with the stage version. We’d first performed this last October, and a lot of the material had formed the basis of the podcast, so it was interesting to go back to this show for the first time in quite a while and remember how much fun it was to perform. There are jokes in this we were never able to find homes for in the audio version and it was nice to be able to use them again. Certainly everyone in the cast felt a lot more comfortable this time around, and we played to packed houses both nights – quite an achievement when your competition is the Olympic Games! Incidentally, Britain won three gold medals that Saturday night. Coincidence? Surely not. There are reviews available to read on Spooky Isles and Broadway Baby.

I also managed to fit in the recording of a segment for the Time Tour, a historical bus ride around London. I’d recorded a promotional video for them a few months previously (you can still see it here) but this time I was actually in a video for the tour itself, playing a rather lecherous version of Shakespeare. If you’re ever in London and fancy a bus trip to the past, why not check them out? Tickets and info here.

We’ve got some more projects coming up for The Monster Hunters, namely the Halloween special and a return to where it all started – The London Horror Festival. Keep you eyes open for more information soon.