Transmissions from The Bunker

Society has finished. All cities are gone. The best thing to do is to stay in what’s left of your homes, open a tin of pineapple chunks and keep your radios tuned to The Bunker.

The Bunker is a brand new podcast from the makers of Gorilla Film Magazine. Set in the year 2414, The Bunker is the planet’s only post-apocalyptic breakfast radio show. It’s also a lot more: each month, The Bunker explores the world of storytelling through music, interviews, readings and discussions. Episode one features BAFTA winning animator Mickey Please talking to the show’s robotic interviewer, InterviewBot, as played by me!

The Bunker is a dark comic blend of fact and fiction that’s available to listen free every month on Soundcloud. A full list of credits is available on the Gorilla website.