Peter Cushing at the Camden Fringe!

photo-15I’m really looking forward to returning to the role of Peter Cushing when James Goss’s The Gentlemen of Horror opens at the Camden Fringe in August. I first performed the play last year in Wandsworth, followed by another night at the Etcetera in Camden in January. Now we’re just off Charing Cross Road for a longer run.

It’s also exciting to be working with a new Christopher Lee. Simon Kane, who played the part previously, was unavailable this time so stepping into his shoes is William McGeough. I did feel a little nervous to begin with – Simon is someone I’ve know for a long time and we’ve worked together a few times so we had built up a short hand, but when I met and started rehearsing with Will it was really interesting because as you would expect, it shakes it up a bit, energises it and creates a new interpretation of their friendship which is sometimes subtly different but just as valid.

That all sounded a bit pretentious didn’t it? Sorry. Basically, Will is great and you should all come along and watch the result. We’re on at the The Phoenix Artist’s Club, Phoenix St, WC2H HBU from Saturday 2nd August – Thursday 7th August. You can book tickets and find out more from the Camden Fringe website here.