It’s a busy few months for The Monster Hunters as the audio series draws to a close, but that’s not going to stop them as they will be making a brief re-appearance on stage as part of this year’s Camden Fringe.

The show, first performed as part of the 2011 London Horror Festival, will be at the Etcetera Theatre on the 4th and 5th August at 9pm. Anyone who’s been listening to the audio adventures of Roy and Lorrimer may notice a few similarities. Three of the episodes we’ve recorded started life as the stage show, but there’s a lot that’s different, by virtue of working in a different medium. There are great gags that work well on stage but just wouldn’t translate to audio. Episode three is a great example of this: it takes the idea of the Hand of Anubis and really fleshes it out, so to speak! It’s a very different piece on audio than on stage. We’re all looking forward to performing in front of a live audience again.

Back in the world of audio, episode 5 has just been released. The Voodoo Zombies of the Snake Woman sees Roy and Lorrimer investigating a subterrainian plague of zombies beneath the streets of London. You can download it from and iTunes. Next month will see the thrilling conclusion to the series, as threads stretching as far back as episode 1 will be wrapped up.



Etcetera Theatre, Camden Town

TICKETS: £10/£8

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