My latest audio comedy, The Monster Hunters has just been given an excellent review by Geek Syndicate!

The geek culture website said episode one ‘has it’s tongue so firmly in it’s cheek that it threatens to rip said cheek apart and I loved every crazy minute of this audio parody.’

You can read the full review here, and don’t forget that The Monster Hunters can be heard from the website,, and is also available on iTunes.



© Time Tour

If you were knocking around Piccadilly Circus or Trafalgar Square in February, you might have seen me dressed in my finery filming a viral video to advertise Professor Quantum’s Magnificent Time Tour, a humourous bus tour that takes its passengers on a trip through London’s history.

Despite the cold, which thanks to a frock coat (I was reluctant to return that!) I didn’t feel, I had a great day wandering the streets in search of people to talk to.

You can see the full video on their youtube page here, and I heartily recommend taking a tour, details of which can be found on their website,


The first episode of The Monster Hunters, The Discotheque of Nights, is now available to download from iTunes and directly from Based on the stage show I performed with Peter Davis, Simon Dylan-Kane, Amy Larcombe and Laura Marshall, episode one sees Roy and Lorrimer facing off against the deadly Count Orloff in his fiendish disco.

There will be a new episode every month, so why not subscribe today, then kick back with a scotch and a branded instant soup and enjoy The Monster Hunters.