Can you solve The Saint Valentine’s Day Murder?

Tomorrow night sees The Saint Valentine’s Day Murder open at the Lost Theatre in Wandsworth, this time as a fully-fledged stage production.

Written by Monster Hunter Peter Davis for the Wireless Theatre Company a couple of years ago, we first performed this as a live audio recording to acclaim from both Remote Goat and Fringe Report, so I was happy to take on the role of Jean Pierre le Poulet once again when Peter decided to revive it.Image

Set at a speed dating event for matchmaking website, the evening takes a nasty turn when one of the members is murdered. Can the great detective Jean Pierre le Poulet get to the bottom of the situation before another date ends is tragedy?

The Saint Valentine’s Day Murder is a fun, fast past comedy mystery which Fringe Report described as ‘Brilliantly written, directed and acted, and very very funny.’ Why not check it out?

14TH – 18TH February

Lost Theatre, 208 Wandsworth Rd.

Tickets: £10/£8 concession

Book here


2013 Update

Gosh, it’s been a while since I updated this. Apologies. I must do better this year. With more
Monster Hunters, Series 2 of Wireless Theatre’s Springheel’d Jack and a new staging of The St. Valentine’s Day Murder coming up, I might have a bit more to write about.

We’ve got two new episodes of The Monster Hunters currently available and they’re both ‘special’ episodes. The first, Taste the Scars of Orloff, was released for Halloween and sees Roy and Lorrimer facing off against their arch enemy Count Orloff.

The intention for this one was to make it a big block-buster of an episode, one that would see our heroes on the run. In true 70s action tradition, they have to jump through or out of as much
property as possible. Special mention must go to Simon Kane, who plays both Sir Maxwell, the Monster Hunters’ boss, and Count Orloff, sometimes at the same time.

Our final episode of the year was the Christmas special, The Haunting of Roy Steel. We wanted this to be a contrast to the Halloween episode and being Christmas, a gothic-y ghost story seemed to be the order of the day. The idea of presenting Roy with a woman from his past came to me pretty early while we were producing series one and I was glad Peter was so up for doing it. I really wanted us to explore Roy a bit deeper and see what happens when you take away some of the bluster. Fear not though, I’m sure he’ll be back at full strength again pretty soon.

You can download these episodes for free from iTunes and from The new series starts recording in February so expect more Monster Hunting news in due course.

Way back at the start of 2012, I was thrilled to play a few little parts in the second and third series of Gareth Parker and Robert Valentine’s award winning Springheel’d Jack saga. I had a really great day in the studio, working with some fantastic actors. I’m pleased to say that the second series is due out very soon. The first series is still available (I’m not in it. It’s still good though.) at the Wireless Theatre Company’s website.