The Monster Hunters Christmas special out now!

The Monster Hunters are back for Christmas in a special episode entitled The Whispering Fog.

Sent back in time to Victorian London, Roy Steel and Lorrimer Chesterfield have set themselves up as supernatural detectives. When they are asked to investigate the disappearance of young governess Kitty Adair by her sister Emily, they discover a more dark and terrible horror. One that lurks the streets of  London, looking to feast.

This was a departure for us, as the show is usually set in the early 1970s, albeit one seen through the prism of ITC adventures shows and British horror films. Both Peter Davis, co-writer (playing Lorrimer Chesterfield) and I enjoyed the chance to write a sort of Holmesian parody (something we have previous form in), with a dash of the Victorian ghost story via Oliver Twist (Blackscar’s home was inspired by reading about Jacob’s Island).

We always like the Christmas episode to be a bit smaller and more self-contained than the Halloween one, which feels more like an ‘event’ episode. Part of the fun of Christmas is Ghost stories and watching Gothic horrors on late night TV, so we try to give it a bit of that atmosphere.  At the same time, it would seem a bit crazy to set the whole thing in one location and not get Roy and Lorrimer out on to the streets, so it ended up feeling a bit bigger than last year’s Christmas special, The Haunting of Roy Steel

If a trip down the dark streets of Victorian London takes your fancy, why not pop over th and give it a listen. It’s free to download!