The Legend of Springheel’d Jack: out now!

Episode one of The Legend of Springheel’d Jack, series 2 of The Springheel Saga, has now been released by The Wireless Theatre Company.

Set seven years after The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack, series two sees us catch up with Detective Inspector Jonah Smith, still on the hunt for his mysterious nemesis.

I had a very jolly time playing a scenery chewing actor, and I hope I provided my finest cuts of prime ham.

This is a great show, and it’s well worth catching up with the first series if you’ve not heard it already. They’re all available on Wireless Theatre‘s website, and its a well worth joining up as the have a wide range of excellent plays on offer.


“…Writing and production of evident quality,” Starburst Magazine.

“…The Springheel Saga Series 2 is another triumph,” Frost Magazine.

“…The Terror of London packs an almighty punch… an all-out success. Not to be missed!” The Morgue of Intrigue.

“…Among the best mysteries we’ve heard in recent memory,” Radio Drama Revival.

“…Compelling writing and strong characters on display in this brilliantly crafted thriller,” Hammer Horror Podcast